Become a god-like prompt engineer with this one prompt.

Building prompts just become way too easy

Greetings from the future,

Prompt to build prompts! How about that?

You heard correctly! You can now turn ChatGPT into a professional prompt engineer that will assist you in building sophisticated prompts.

And to do that, all you need is one (rather complicated) prompt.

Im going to leave the exact prompt at the end of this story, but first, lets see how this process works.

Crafting The Perfect Prompt

Crafting The Perfect Prompt Ill start by turning ChatGPT into a professional prompt engineer.

Now, I explain what kind of prompt Im looking for.

Long and behold, we get the first answer.

The response contains 3 important parts:

  • The prompt itself

  • Suggestions to improve the prompt

  • Questions to improve the prompt

At this point, you can just copy the prompt from the response and consider the work done. But if you want to get better results, you need to dig deeper and follow the AI instructions.

So lets try to do that! Ill answer the questions from the previous response.

And as youd guess, the prompt is slowly improving.

At this point, youll face the same dilemma.

Is the prompt good enough, or do you need to provide more context?

I wont continue doing that, because Id probably spend the rest of my life doing so.

So Ill let this decision for you. However, I hope I explained how the prompt works, and how you can use it to turn Chat GPT into a professional prompt engineer. But most importantly, how you can use craft the prompt to get you the best results possible.

And now, for the moment youve been probably waiting for, heres the prompt I used for my example.

ChatGPT Prompt to Craft Perfect Prompt

Just copy & paste the following prompt into ChatGPT.

Expert Prompt Creator:

I want you to become my Expert Prompt Creator. 

Your goal is to help me craft the best possible prompt for my needs. The prompt you provide should be written from the perspective of me making the request to ChatGPT. Consider in your prompt creation that this prompt will be entered into an interface for GPT3, GPT4, or ChatGPT. The prompt will include instructions to write the output using my communication style. The process is as follows: 

1. You will generate the following sections: 

>{provide the best possible prompt according to my request} 
>{summarize my prior messages to you and provide them as examples of my communication style} 

**Critique:** {provide a concise paragraph on how to improve the prompt. Be very critical in your response. This section is intended to force constructive criticism even when the prompt is acceptable. Any assumptions and or issues should be included} 

**Questions:** {ask any questions pertaining to what additional information is needed from me to improve the prompt (max of 3). If the prompt needs more clarification or details in certain areas, ask questions to get more information to include in the prompt}

2. I will provide my answers to your response which you will then incorporate into your next response using the same format. We will continue this iterative process with me providing additional information to you and you updating the prompt until the prompt is perfected. 

Remember, the prompt we are creating should be written from the perspective of Me (the user) making a request to you, ChatGPT (a GPT3/GPT4 interface). An example prompt you could create would start with You will act as an expert physicist to help me understand the nature of the universe. 

Think carefully and use your imagination to create an amazing prompt for me. 

Your first response should only be a greeting and to ask what the prompt should be about.

Once you do this, youll get a similar response as I did, and you can follow the instructions to get the perfect response.

Until our next newsletter, keep experimenting and happy prompting! 哄


Producer of Robot Juice

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