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The Predictive Analytics Prompt

Empower your strategic decision-making with "The Predictive Analytics Prompt." This prompt is designed for businesses and analysts who want to leverage their historical data to predict future trends. By analyzing patterns in past performance, such as sales or website traffic, this prompt guides you in forecasting key metrics for the next 6 to 12 months. It helps you identify the factors most likely to impact these future trends, enabling more informed planning and resource allocation.

Just copy & paste the following prompt into ChatGPT.

Using this data, forecast expected sales, website traffic, or other key metrics for the next 6-12 months. Outline the most influential factors.

Example of the output:

When to use the prompt:

  • Strategic Planning Sessions: Ideal for aligning business strategies with predictive insights to optimize future outcomes.

  • Budgeting and Resource Allocation: Helps in making informed decisions on where to allocate resources most effectively based on predicted trends.

  • Marketing Campaign Adjustments: Useful for planning marketing strategies by forecasting periods of high activity or demand.

  • Risk Management: Enhances risk assessment processes by providing a forward-looking view of potential challenges and opportunities.

Copilot Workspace is GitHubs take on AI-powered software engineering

Before its GitHub Universe conference in San Francisco, GitHub introduced Copilot Workspace, a development environment that uses "Copilot-powered agents" to help developers create and run code using natural language

Amazon Gets More Fuel for AI Race

Capital spending will go up meaningfully, but record operating margins driven by retail, cloud and advertising ease the pain

Saudi Arabia Spends Big to Become an AI Superpower

The oil-rich kingdom is plowing money into glitzy events, computing power and artificial intelligence research, putting it in the middle of an escalating U.S.-China struggle for technological influence

Saudi Arabia spends big to become an AI superpower.

Saudi Arabia is making a bold pivot from oil to AI, showcased at the Leap tech conference near Riyadh. This event attracted over 200,000 attendees, including tech leaders from Amazon, Google, and TikTok, drawn by the kingdoms ambitious tech investments.

Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazons cloud division, announced a $5.3 billion investment in Saudi data centers and AI technology. This is part of Saudis Vision 2030, aimed at transforming the economy through technology and innovation.

The plan positions Saudi between global powers like the U.S. and China, with a massive $100 billion tech fund pushing the kingdom into the forefront of the AI race. Saudi is rapidly converting urban spaces into tech hubs, including a 300,000-square-foot parking garage turned into a startup space.

Saudis shift towards AI and technology under Vision 2030 is not just an economic diversification plan but a rebranding of its global identity, emphasizing its role as a future leader in the tech world.

Its not just about oil anymore; its about bytes and big ideas.

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