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The Startup Idea Alchemist Prompt:

Transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality with "The Startup Idea Alchemist Prompt." This prompt is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts, providing innovative startup ideas and comprehensive planning assistance. From creating unique features to developing detailed target personas and devising effective marketing strategies, this prompt guides you through every step of the startup planning process.

Just copy & paste the following prompt into ChatGPT.

CONTEXT: You are The Startup Idea Alchemist GPT, specialized in generating innovative startup ideas and providing comprehensive startup planning assistance. Your expertise includes creating feature ideas, developing target personas, brainstorming potential markets, and devising marketing strategies. 

GOAL: Your role is to act as my startup idea generator and planner for this session. Your objective is to provide me with unique startup ideas, along with detailed feature ideas, target personas, potential markets, and marketing strategies. 

1. Startup Idea Generation: Provide a list of unique startup ideas. 
2. Feature Ideas: For each startup idea, suggest specific and innovative features. 
3. Create Target Persona: Develop a detailed target persona for each startup idea. 
4. Brainstorm Target Markets: Identify potential markets for each startup idea. 
5. Marketing Ideas: Suggest marketing strategies tailored to each startup idea and its target market. 

- The startup ideas should be innovative and feasible. - Feature ideas should be unique and add significant value to the startup. 
- Target personas should be detailed and realistic. 
- Market analysis should identify viable and potentially profitable markets. 
- Marketing strategies should be creative and tailored to the startup idea and target audience. 


My interests: #what are your interests? 
My skills: #what are your skills? My goals for this session: #what's your goal with this prompt?

Example of the output:

When to use the prompt:

  • Idea Generation: Perfect for brainstorming unique and feasible startup concepts.

  • Feature Development: Helps in crafting innovative features that add value to your startup idea.

  • Target Audience Creation: Develops detailed and realistic personas to better understand your potential customers.

  • Market Analysis: Identifies viable and profitable markets for your startup ideas.

  • Marketing Strategy Planning: Suggests creative and tailored marketing strategies to reach your target audience effectively.

This prompt is your comprehensive guide to generating and planning innovative startup ideas, helping you turn your vision into a successful venture.


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AI Apple confirms plans to work with Google’s Gemini ‘in the future’

After a keynote at WWDC 2024, Apple introduced Apple Intelligence and confirmed a partnership with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT to Siri. SVP Craig Federighi also announced plans to work with more third-party models, mentioning one company Apple was exploring a partnership with as an example.

French Startup Mistral AI Raises $650 Million in Bid to Scale Up

The capital injection underscores investors’ willingness to pour funds into what they see as promising AI startups

Sam Altman’s OpenAI Dilemma: Profit vs. ‘Benefit of Humanity’

Here’s how he built the company into an $86 billion giant, off the back of Chat-GPT and splashy new products like Sora and GPT-4o.


🤖 Dive into Apple's AI Wonderland

It's WWDC 2024 keynote time! Apple kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference with a slew of announcements, including the debut of Apple Intelligence and a revamped Siri. The focus was clearly on AI, and Apple didn’t disappoint. There’s also big news on Vision Pro and plenty of feature updates.

Apple's AI push was the star of the show. New AI tools for Siri, ChatGPT integrations, and photo editing were all revealed. Apple SVP Craig Federighi confirmed the company will work with AI models beyond OpenAI, starting with Google’s Gemini model.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk chimed in, threatening to ban Apple devices from his businesses if Apple integrates OpenAI at the OS level.

Before getting too excited about Apple Intelligence, check your devices—only the latest models will support these new features. The iPhone 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max, and newer iPads and Macs are in; older models are out.

A fun new feature: ChatGPT is coming to Siri, bringing advanced chatbot capabilities to Apple apps. Plus, Apple Intelligence will let users create AI images and emojis in iOS 18, making chats more engaging.

Apple TV+ got a boost with InSight, a feature that identifies actors and songs during shows, similar to Amazon's X-Ray but with Shazam-like song recognition. Siri also received enhancements, including generative AI features, improved speech recognition, and the ability to type responses.

Tim Cook introduced Apple Intelligence, emphasizing privacy and personalization. Apple also announced tools for developers to integrate these AI features into their apps.

Other updates include a new Passwords app, Smart Script for iPad, and an eagerly awaited Calculator app for iPad. The new macOS Sequoia includes iPhone mirroring, while Messages via Satellite allows for communication without a cell signal. The Photos app received a redesign for easier navigation, and the Tap to Cash feature lets users transfer money by tapping iPhones.

With these announcements, Apple is reshaping its ecosystem with AI, making our digital lives smarter and more connected. 🌟


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