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The Drawing to Code prompt

Need help transforming your hand-drawn webpage layout into functional HTML and CSS? "The Drawing to Code Prompt" is here to bridge the gap between your visual ideas and a live webpage. This tool is perfect for turning sketches into real, working website code.

Just copy & paste the following prompt into ChatGPT.

Write HTML and CSS code for the webpage layout I've drawn.

Example of the output:

When to use the prompt:

  • If you have a sketch but lack coding skills: Ideal for those who can design but need help with the coding part.

  • When learning web development: This prompt aids beginners and intermediates in applying coding to actual designs.

  • Before starting a web development project: Jumpstart the coding process by translating drawings into ready-to-use code.

  • While preparing for client or team presentations:Convert your layout sketches into coded web pages to enhance your presentations with something tangible and impressive.


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The Taylor Swift album leaks big AI problem

When The Tortured Poets Department leaked, some Taylor Swift fans swore it must be AI. Expect that to be a common refrain.

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses have multimodal AI now

It can be handy, confidently wrong, and just plain finicky but smart glasses are a much more comfortable form factor for this tech

The Atlas robot is dead. Long live the Atlas robot

The new Atlas comes with a big design change. Not only is it all-electric but its also outfitted with a ring light on its rounded head, along with rotating body parts that allow for improved agility and dexterity.

AI Rumors
Taylor Swift Shakes Up the Internet with AI, Again!

This Thursday, Swift teased her new single "Fortnight" from the album The Tortured PoetsDepartment on Instagram, sparking excitement and controversy. As leaks of the album circulated online, rumors flew that some tracks might be AI-generated, particularly after intriguing lyrics surfaced. Swift ended the speculation at 2 am Friday by revealing a secret: the album is actually a double feature, The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology, with 31 songs.

The incident highlights the evolving role of AI in music, where it increasingly blurs the lines between human and machine-made art. This release not only stirred Swift's fan base but also reignited discussions on AI's impact on artistic authenticity.

As Swift continues to master the art of viral marketing, her ability to keep fans engaged through strategic surprises shows how deeply artists and the internet are intertwined, shaping not just music consumption but broader cultural conversations. This blend of celebrity power and digital innovation keeps Swift at the forefront of modern pop culture.

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GEES:Gees is the all-in-one collaborative AI design platform,Integrating UI/UX, prototyping, graphic design, and whiteboards.

Tipis AI:Use AI to help you with daily data summarization and organization, significantly saving time.

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