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Read 1000 Books per year with ChatGPT

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AI Software Engineer that Codes Entire Projects from Single Prompt.

AI startup Cognition develops an AI software engineering platform that can automate entire projects.

ChatGPT uses 17,000 times the amount of electricity than the average US household does daily

An average US household is using around 29 kilowatt-hours of electricity while ChatGPT is using more than half a million, The New Yorker reported.

Microsoft insiders worry the company has become just 'IT for OpenAI'

Microsoft's AI strategy has increasingly focused on OpenAI. The shift has led to some executive departures and less focus on Microsoft's own services.

Meet Devin

The World's First AI Software Engineer.

Cognition AI, a startup, has introduced Devin, an innovative AI software engineer capable of automating complete projects. Funded by notable figures like Peter Thiel, this platform has drawn attention from AI industry leaders, including former Tesla AI director Andrej Karpathy, for its ability to execute complex engineering tasks from just a prompt. Devin operates in a sandbox environment, capable of learning, fixing errors, and even performing benchmarks on AI models.

Not just a tool, Devin is seen as a teammate by Cognition, designed to work alongside human engineers, enhancing productivity and allowing teams to tackle more ambitious projects. It has shown remarkable capabilities, outperforming established coding models and large language models on the SWE-bench, a benchmark for software engineering tasks.

Currently in early access, Devin is poised for wider availability as Cognition scales up. This development has generated significant buzz, with the startup securing substantial funding and endorsements from industry heavyweights. Devin represents a leap forward in AI-assisted software engineering, offering a glimpse into a future where AI and humans collaborate more closely on technology development.

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