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Why some objects remain a mystery…

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The Object Identification Prompt: Understanding Everyday Items

Unlock the mystery of unknown items with "The Object Identification Prompt." This prompt helps you identify objects from images and explains their purpose. Perfect for anyone curious about the things they encounter, this prompt provides clear and concise explanations.

Just copy & paste the following prompt into ChatGPT.

What is this and what is it used for?

Example of the output:

When to use the prompt:

  • Curiosity and Learning: Great for satisfying your curiosity about unfamiliar objects you come across.

  • Educational Purposes: Useful for students and teachers needing to identify and explain various items.

  • Antique and Collectible Enthusiasts: Helps in identifying and understanding the purpose of vintage or collectible items.

  • Everyday Use: Handy for figuring out the function of objects found around the house or in different environments.

This prompt is your key to discovering and understanding the purpose of various objects, making everyday life a little more informed and interesting.

Learn AI in 5 Minutes a Day

AI Tool Report is one of the fastest-growing and most respected newsletters in the world, with over 550,000 readers from companies like OpenAI, Nvidia, Meta, Microsoft, and more.

Our research team spends hundreds of hours a week summarizing the latest news, and finding you the best opportunities to save time and earn more using AI.

Hitachi, Microsoft Plan for Multibillion-Dollar AI Partnership

Japanese conglomerate to integrate Microsoft Cloud and GitHub Copilot into Lumada, Hitachi’s core digital, software and services business

The CEO of Zoom wants AI clones in meetings

Zoom founder Eric Yuan has big ambitions in enterprise software, including letting your AI-powered ‘digital twins’ attend meetings for you.

Windows AI feature that screenshots everything labeled a security ‘disaster’

Microsoft is about to launch a new AI-powered Recall feature that screenshots everything you do on your PC. Recall is part of the new Copilot Plus PCs that are debuting on June 18th, but experts who have tested the feature are already warning that Recall could be a “disaster” for cybersecurity.

AI Takeover

🤖 Google's New AI: A Game-Changer or Just Hype?

Google is going all-in on AI for search. They’ve started rolling out “AI Overviews” to users in the US, soon expanding worldwide. These summaries will appear at the top of many search results, changing how we interact with information.

"What we see with generative AI is that Google can do more of the searching for you," says Liz Reid, Google’s head of Search. AI Overviews give a quick answer and link to more details. Plus, there's a new Lens feature to search by video and a tool to generate trip itineraries or meal plans from a single query.

This overhaul uses Gemini AI to understand your search, summarize the web, and organize results. Not every search needs AI, though. Simple searches like navigating to a URL won’t trigger these features. But for more complex queries, AI can combine info from the Knowledge Graph and the web to give detailed answers.

Google aims to balance creativity and factual accuracy in these AI summaries. They want to get things right, even if it means being less flashy. Early data suggests this new approach will drive more clicks to quality content, offering a richer search experience.

Google is transforming search from a simple keyword box into an interactive, AI-driven assistant. It’s a bold move to make searching easier and more intuitive, shaping the future of how we interact with the web.

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