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The Career Path Navigator Prompt

Avoid common mistakes on your journey to your dream career with "The Career Path Navigator Prompt" This prompt helps you identify typical errors people make and provides step-by-step instructions to avoid them. Additionally, it outlines a detailed career path, including the time it takes to reach each stage.

Just copy & paste the following prompt into ChatGPT.

What are the common mistakes a person makes on the path to becoming [dream career]? Give step-by-step instructions on how to avoid those mistakes, a detailed career path with duration.

Example of the output:

When to use the prompt:

  • Career Planning: Perfect for mapping out your career and avoiding common pitfalls along the way.

  • Skill Development: Helps you focus on building the right skills at the right time to progress smoothly.

  • Mentorship Sessions: Use it to guide discussions with mentors and get their insights on avoiding common mistakes.

  • Long-Term Goal Setting: Ideal for setting realistic career milestones and understanding the time needed to achieve them.

OpenAI debuts GPT-4o omni model now powering ChatGPT

OpenAI announced a new flagship generative AI model on Monday that they call GPT-4o the o stands for omni, referring to the models ability to handle text, speech, and video

The End of Google Search As We Know It

Google is rethinking its most iconic and lucrative product by adding new AI features to search. One expert tells WIRED its a change in the world order.

OpenAI inks deal to train AI on Reddit data

Reddit will be building on OpenAIs platform of AI models to bring its powerful vision to life, OpenAI wrote in the post. Using LLMs, ML, and AI allow Reddit to improve the user experience for everyone.


Google's Big AI Push at I/O 2024

Google is going all-in on AIand they really want you to know it. During the keynote at their I/O developer conference, "AI" was mentioned over 120 times!

Here are the top AI features unveiled:

Generative AI in Search
Google is integrating generative AI into Search to organize results pages with AI-generated summaries and suggestions, initially for trip planning and dining.

Project Astra and Gemini Live
The Gemini Live feature allows in-depth voice chats with the AI, which can respond to surroundings via photos or videos taken by smartphones.

Google Veo
Veo can create 1080p video clips from text prompts, handle various visual styles, and extend videos beyond a minute, making realistic edits with an understanding of physics.

Ask Photos
Launching this summer, Ask Photos will allow users to search their Google Photos collections using natural language, finding the best images based on AI evaluation.

Gemini in Gmail
Gmail will soon use AI to search, summarize, and draft emails, organize receipts, and automate workflows for frequent tasks.

Detecting Scams During Calls
A future Android feature, powered by Gemini Nano, will alert users to potential scams during calls by recognizing scam-related conversation patterns.

AI for Accessibility
TalkBack will use Gemini Nano to describe objects for low-vision and blind users, enhancing navigation of unlabeled images.

With these innovations, Google is making a big statement about the future of AI in everyday life.

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